Zehut Party

We, members of the ZEHUT Party list, under the leadership of Moshe Feiglin, are campaigning for the coming elections to the 21st Knesset. ZEHUT has a detailed and well-reasoned platform for the advancement of liberty for all of us. In order for us to be able to further a new political culture in Israel, we want to be obligated to you, and ONLY to you. For this reason, we need your participation. Please join us, and invest in ZEHUT - for the sake of liberty for all.

  • Goal: ₪100,000
  • Raised So Far: ₪25,796
  • End By: 21/03/2019
  • Campaign Donors : 52

There is a price for losing our Identity
Without Identity (ZEHUT)
There is no goal, and no plan!


We are the ZEHUT Party.
We are running in the coming elections.
And we need YOUR HELP.

Our campaign will make you stop and think.
…touch your soul strings and your emotions
…bring you meaning and show you respect
…appeal to your intelligence
and bring a new culture of politics to Israel
We want to be obligated ONLY TO YOU.
So please donate
Your Liberty Matters!


Our Goal: NIS 1,920,000


What haven’t they said about me…about all of us in ZEHUT? Everything!
On one hand, it’s good that they’re listening to us. It means we’re having an impact.
On the other hand, if they’re talking about us, take a moment and let them know who we really are!
I promise that it will be interesting..


Why can’t a young couple – who work and make a good living –

dream of buying an apartment in Israel…without assistance?

Young couples in Israel work harder than anyone in the West,

earn less than anyone in the West, and pay higher prices than anyone in the West…

while Israel is one of the richest countries in the West!



משה פייגלין - מפלגת זהות


I’m Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of the ZEHUT Party.
Our party has a detailed and specific platform for reducing government involvement in our lives,
for separating religious services from the state,

for returning Liberty in the areas of security, economy, education, health, and more.
It’s easier than you might think, particularly because there’s no need to pass laws,
only to repeal the many unnecessary laws that are choking us.



We absolutely oppose all coercion – certainly religious coercion. We want you to be YOU!



ZEHUT is a party filled with content and values
which has worked for years to put together a comprehensive and detailed platform
and to write an intelligent, researched plan
where the overriding guiding principle is
increasing the Liberty of Israeli citizens in every area of life.

You won’t find empty populist slogans in ZEHUT.
Our obligation is to act for change,
on the basis of programs
some that can be started immediately following the elections.



“A nation that has lost its identity can’t identify the enemy.

And if you don’t know who the enemy is, you can’t defeat him.

And if you don’t defeat him, the war never ends. And if the war never ends, peace can never begin.”



But that’s not all…
Today, I’m asking you to join us
in the fight for our Liberty.
In order to spread our message, the message of Liberty,


To do this,
we are running a crowdfunding project,
because we want to be obligated ONLY TO YOU.



“When you grow inside the system, you can’t do anything,
because you’re obligated to this one and fighting with that one. You owe something to everyone.
You see people who reach the top of the pyramid within the system,
and nothing changes, because they’re already part of it…”



The Labor Party and the Likud together
have more than one hundred million shekels to spend.
Most of that money comes from the taxpayers, by way of the Law for Election Funding.

We don’t have much. We haven’t made any deals with tycoons.
And we haven’t asked any news outlet to support us in exchange for government perks.
We want to be obligated ONLY TO YOU.


“This isn’t a personal matter.
I am not the alternative, OUR IDEAS are the alternative.”


We are asking for help from those we intend to serve.
From you — the public!
We promise you that this small donation
will return to you “in spades.”


Come, join us for the sake of Liberty for ALL
Please, donate now!
Thank you!


“I always tell you the truth, I will never hide anything.
Even when there’s a price to pay,
Even when it it’s uncomfortable and the truth is not pleasant.”


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