This Is Israel Today

They invest millions of dollars in lies, We will win because of the truth. It does not make sense that the lies will be distributed to Israel and we will remain silent. Let's show them Israel Today

  • Goal: $15,000
  • Raised so far: $50
  • Campaign ending date: 10/06/2019
  • Backers : 1

I have no organizations standing behind me
I need you to stand with me and fight
We will not allow them to continue to tell their lies.
With the help of the these videos, we will show the world what Israel is really like today

American politics have introduced the concept of Fake News only recently,
but Israelis have been dealing with it since the dawn of history.
Anti-Israeli organizations are financing “news” videos against Israel in huge sums.
BDS, Breaking the Silence and their friends are
raising millions of dollars for false accusations against Israel in the world media.

Mona Henoch - This is Israel Today

My name is Mona. When I lived in AmericaI too
got most of my information about Israel from the mainstream media.
But, after my first trip to Israel, over 15 years ago,
I knew right away that most everything
I thought I knew about Israel was wrong.
I understood that what the media had shown me
for so many years about Israel
was simply false – the “false news” had worked on me.
But then I fell so in love with Israel
that I made Aliyah with my family and made this amazing country my home.
,And because I love it so much
I have taken upon myself the job of
creating these videos to show the world how I see the State of Israel.
To be the counterweight to the BDS, lies and propaganda.
To lead a genuine change in public opinion
by exposing the public to the real Israel that I know,
in a true and authentic manner.

For the past decade I’ve seen how the spread
of misinformation about Israel flows on the internet.
We all understand that in our world today,
the main influence and shaping of public opinion is done on social networks.
We all can create content on the web with our Facebook and Instagram accounts etc, but
I decided to take it a step more.
I didn’t just want to get likes and comments from people,
I wanted to share real
authentic experiences about Israel with the rest of the world.

Mona Henoch

Although I am only one voice,
I wanted to balance the discourse,
because as you know,
in the context of Israel,
usually only negative things are said.

Mona Henoch

I need your help! After years of presenting the beautiful side of Israel,
I need your help to continue
creating and sharing this amazing country through these videos.
We believe in you,
we know that you too are fed up with the lies about Israel,
Join me and show them!
We will show with world the real Israel today.

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