Hamonym provides unparalleled flexibility for building your perfect crowdfunding campaign. It provides the ability to set sub-campaigns and harness the power of your closest supporters and team for a multi-facet crowdfunding campaign.

Hamonym provides the ability to create all or nothing campaign, flexible campaign and subscription based campaign. The platform also supports matching campaigns.You can choose between regular campaigns which count money collected or set the goal based on the number of supporters/subscribers you wish to have.The platform supports USD, EUR and NIS currencies and is multi-lingual by design.Thanks to the platform’s flexibility, Hamonym is a perfect fit for non profit organizations, companies and entrepreneurs alike. Hamonym sprouted from Planwize in 2018 and rapidly grew to be the most innovative and growing crowdfunding platform in Israel, and gained recognition with several high profile campaigns.

Gad Ivgy – Founder and CEO

Gad Ivgy is the founder and CEO of Hamonym, with over 10 years of experience as CEO of Planwize, web development and digital strategy company. Gad has consulted government organizations and multi national companies on digital marketing, digital change and crowdfunding.

Hamonym is lead by Gad Ivgy – founder and CEO, Jonathan Engel – CTO and Orna Portugaly – Project Manager.