Welcome to Hamonym

Welcome to Hamonym, the most flexible and capable crowdfunding platform available.

Welcome to Hamonym, a multi-lingual multi-currency crowdfunding platform. Hamonym in Hebrew means Mass crowd. The platform will let you have your crowdfunding campaign with unparalleled flexibility and ease.

Multi Lingual

Hamonym allows you to set campaigns in various languages and easily control every text label present on your page.

See how Zehut, an Israeli political party, uses multi-lingual sub-campaigns to reach out to Russian, French and English Speakers constituencies.

Variety of Payment Gateways Supported

Hamonym is fully integrated with Tranzila (for Israeli based campaigns). We intend to add Stripe shortly..


With Hamonym, you can choose out of 3 different currencies for your campaign – NIS, USD and EUR


Our killer feature is the ability diversify your campaign and have sub campaigns under the top campaign for various purposes. You can change goals, texts, video and logo, address different target audience with a unique page, delegate parts of your goal to campaign managers who are able to broaden the scope of your reach, set tests and see what pages perform better – the options are really endless.

Count Backers, Not Money

Another unique path for crowdfunding is to set the page so that the frontend will not show the amount of money. A book publishing house used it to recruit subscribers to a new series of year-round publications and set the goal as subscribers. You can even set this campaign to achieve other than money goals such as volunteers, time donated to your organization and much more.

Flexible, All or Nothing

Set the campaign as flexible or all-or nothing based on your strategy and goals.

Matching Campaigns

Add matching factor for your campaign by setting the multiplier for each donation or payment received.

One Time, Payments, Subscription Based

You may set page with subscription based packages or one time, even integrate both in a single campaign by opening two separate campaign pages.

With many more to come, Hamonym is the most flexible platform available!


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